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  • Professional Lessons for Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Violin, Ukulele, Banjo etc., Theory, Stage Presence, Music Production and Recording

  • Whatever style of music, or level of instruction, we are dedicated to helping you realize your musical goals. Our private lessons are personalized to meet your needs. All ages and levels welcome. 
  • Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced  In addition to formal qualifications, our teachers all have extensive experience in a variety of performance situations - live and in the studio. 
  • We have successfully taught students with  a variety of special needs, by customizing every lesson. Parents are always welcome to participate.
  • Gift Certificates Available
  • There is no GST or PST on lessons, and we have NO REGISTRATION FEES or contracts. We require payments at the beginning of each month (a fee schedule will be provided). Some months may have 3 lessons and some may have 5, so our fee schedule ensures that you only pay for the lessons you actually receive. 


The guitar program includes: Sight reading, Tab reading, chord symbols, major and minor scales and chords, strum and rhythm patterns, power chords, lead guitar and improvising, music theory, composition basics, finger-picking and flat-picking, slide guitar, and whatever else you're interested in or style you like. The emphasis is on being confident playing in a variety of situations - from the campfire to concert hall...You'll think like a musician and understand your instrument -  And enjoy every minute of it!



The "uke" is experiencing a fantastic boom in popularity for good reason - it is affordable, portable, and easy to learn and fun to play. That's why I bought my first "uke" in 1992 (I had to special order it! ). Sadly, there are many instructors taking advantage of the boom and offering lessons when they have very little experience with it (some have wanted lessons from me in order to teach it - weird!). I have played soprano, baritone, and sopranissimo ukulele professionally for years. Let's do this!


Keyboard and Piano lessons: 

Conservatory qualified instructors offer lessons customized to your child's style of learning, an encouraging, flexible and progressive program including sight-reading, classic technique, a variety of musical styles, ear and rhythm training, and music theory. Local performance opportunities are offered. You can choose from RCM and a variety of modern programs.


Bass guitar/stand up bass:

All varieties of bass are examined: country, rock, blues, etc., with an emphasis on the bassist's role as part of the rhythm section. Chord theory, composition and song structure are included. A variety of notation systems are used: notation, tablature, and song charts.


Drums and Percussion:

Students are instructed in a variety of styles and techniques, with an emphasis on playing songs, not just patterns, with exposure to a variety of world beats and and all modern rhythm methods. We have instant access to all the songs you want to play.


Violin and Fiddle:

Introductory level violin and fiddle includes all aspects of proper technique: posture, bow grip, tuning, intonation, sight-reading, beat counting, ear training, introduction to theory, etc.


Mandolin, Banjo, Harmonica, Saxophone, and band instrument lessons are also available.


Lessons Via Zoom or Facetime:

Online lessons using can be arranged. This gives you the flexibility to learn in the comfort of your own home, or while you are out of town.  Call for available times.


Contact us at:

phone or text: 250-859-6742

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