Rentals, Repairs, and Sales


  • As part of our specials...some rentals are free for an introductory period. 
  • Monthly rentals for a low fee are available, depending on demand.  A common concern for parents is the cost of musical equipment when the student has not yet proven their interest or commitment level. We often are able to provide a basic guitar, bass, drum or keyboard package for the beginner at a very affordable price. Right now we have a free instrument rental program click the "offers and  specials" link above.


     If you have a concern about how your guitar is playing, need new strings, have an amp that is not powering up, we can look at it for free and often do basic repairs for half the price of a "repair depot" and I won't try to sell you anything! We've got 30 years experience in guitar set-ups, and I stock many string types. Bring it to me first...the advice is free.

It is all part of our customer service.


Buying and Selling Used instruments:

  • Contact Dan directly - he may be able to assist you


phone or text: 250-859-6742

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